Month: July 2014

Burger Begehren

Two days ago Otto’s Burger opened up just around our street, so it was about time to check it out! A lover of sixties and industrial design, I fell in love with the raw architecture of this place: run-down walls, copper pipes and academic chairs. It seems most burger diners opening in Hamburg lately bank on the retro charm. However, it’s not the interior deciding about the quality of this place, of course, but the burgers. They were good. No more, no less. The taste of my Mixed Vegetarian Burger was well adjusted. I especially loved all the beetroot on it. All in all, it was yummy but not too special. The “normal” fries (unfortunately they didn’t have sweet potato fries in the afternoon) were pretty solid, though. Homemade, crunchy and salty. That’s how I like them. As Otto’s Burger has just opened, I suppose they yet have to warm up a little. I’ll give them the time they need. Because I love burgers way too much. And this place is literally just around the corner. …

Almost 365 Days of Kaffee Stark

There is this one place in town I had sworn myself I would never check out again: Kaffee Stark. It was three years ago. I was new to Hamburg and not exactly able to cope with this specific St. Pauli manner. Let’s call it understatement in friendliness. Now – some years later – I’m so fond of this place I’m found here almost everyday. It’s my office, my favourite breakfast option, the place I go to to have a strong cup of coffee with friends or alone. Either I have become less friendly over time or I’m fallen in love with this specific St. Pauli manner. I suppose it’s the latter.

The Thing About My Own Four Walls

Happy rainy Sunday everyone. Actually my intentions regarding this blog were to leave the scope of my own kitchen and home and invite you over to my favourite places around. I’m definitely going to do that. Just not today. This rain-swept day calls for staying inside, having late breakfast in bed and enjoying the smell of wood at my new home. I’m so in love with the sixties flair all the teak furniture sheds. Maybe you will be, too. So here’s to interior design galore! Crawl away back into your bed sheets, leaf through some beautiful coffee-table books and listen to the rain dropping! At least that’s what I do.

Pancake Party

Goal! Goal! Goal! What the….? Okay,that was pretty awesome. It was 10 o’clock in the night when Germany faced Brazil in the World Cup and I had felt astonishingly tense in advance. To draw the line back to food: I came home quite late due to the scoring, was craving for some food and promised my body: “You’ll get a biiig stack of pancakes in the morning.” I kept that promise. These pancakes are glutenfree, full of protein and if you want also vegan. The recipe 2 eggs (or flax-eggs if vegan) 1/2 cup of almond milk (or any other milk substitute) 1 tsp of hemp protein powder (mine is from Govinda) 1 cup of soy meal 1 cup of buckwheat meal coconut oil Stir the eggs (or flax-eggs = 1 tsp flax seeds and 2 tsp water) in a mixing bowl, then add the milk. Now mix hemp powder and meal into it little by little so that you get a thick creamy batter which won’t go runny in the pan. Warm up a pan on a medium …

Berry Boost

It’s a rainy day today in Hamburg, so this morning called for some energy to spoon. All the power in the world is in this cup, believe me! Recipe: 200g de-frosted berries (I had strawberries, cherries, rasberries and blueberries) 1 banana 1 apple tsp maca powder tsp chia seeds some fresh mint Off you go to the blender, delightful bliss! Hope you have a sunnier day wherever you are…

The Blue Lagoon

Happy Sunday everyone. This week I had the pleasure to be captured in amazing pictures by the talented Hamburg-based photographer Maria Kotylevskaja. I had loved her pictures so much beforehand that I completely freaked out when it came to actually shooting. And I had such a good time! Maria truly has a gift. Not only for taking magnificent pictures but also for being ever so kind in the process. She made me feel entirely comfortable and confident. Here is a selection of some photos from the shoot. Enjoy your Sunday! © Maria Kotylevskaja

To Sundays!

Dear first readers, After more than a year of blogging abstinence I decided it was time again to put all my thoughts, affectations, photographs, recipes and inspirations back on the web and issue a new kind of online magazine. Here it is: a blog dedicated to Sunday’s children, those of you who love being creative, inspired and feather-bedded. To making everyday a Sunday! Love, Juna