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The Thing About My Own Four Walls

Happy rainy Sunday everyone.

Actually my intentions regarding this blog were to leave the scope of my own kitchen and home and invite you over to my favourite places around. I’m definitely going to do that. Just not today. This rain-swept day calls for staying inside, having late breakfast in bed and enjoying the smell of wood at my new home. I’m so in love with the sixties flair all the teak furniture sheds. Maybe you will be, too. So here’s to interior design galore!

Crawl away back into your bed sheets, leaf through some beautiful coffee-table books and listen to the rain dropping! At least that’s what I do.



  1. Henning says

    I am a little curious about these seemingly sumptuous books on your living room table. They are, however, not the reason for my comment. I just wanted to let you know, that I like your blog – indecisive where to put this adulation, I acted on impulse and put it below the pictures of your skillfully composed flat.

    • Thanks for your comment, Henning. These books are 1) from the amazing Portland-based magazine Kinfolk and 2) a Swedish cookbook called Green Kitchen Stories. Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

  2. Que tal,
    Me hа gustɑdo el articulo. Hay otroks articulos no me interesaron demasiado,
    en cualquier caso, la mayora еstn bien.

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