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Brooklyn Hotel, Amsterdam

Earlier this year I moved from Hamburg to Amsterdam. It always seems like a cloak-and-dagger operation to me to move to a new country with all my belongings. I’ve always decided for such changes quite spontaneously. And it has always been good.

I have met many people over the years who still had their hometown somewhere else, a room at their parents’ house where they could come back to while living abroad. I’ve never had this back-up. And even though it’s scary initially, it’s so much more fulfilling in the end. And it brings you places along the way that become your home for a short period of your lifetime.

And for this first one night in my new hometown it was Brooklyn Hotel at the beautifully edgy and industrial NDSM werf. As much as I love those tiny little town houses of Amsterdam: I’ll always be a lover of industrial settings. This place has been the most perfect choice I could have made for the beginning of a magnificent new chapter. Not least due to this splendid view.

Brooklyn Hotel

NDSM Plein 28

1033 WB Amsterdam

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Good night, Amsterdam & everywhere else!

Stay tuned for my local tips at NDSM.


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