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NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam

This post has been long in coming. NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam-Noord has always been my favourite part of the city. This is why I’m inviting you to accompany me there today.

© Janine Juna Grafe

Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals and idyllic old buildings but I must admit I could easily exchange this part of town with the industrial wharf you reach by a ferry from Amsterdam Centraal at no charge. Even though this place is very popular particularly with the young citizens of Amsterdam, it never feels as crowded as the city centre.

© Janine Juna Grafe

Coffee, food and further spots are located here but much less than in the areas across the water. So where to have coffee? Noorderlicht or pllek! They are both established within containers, which gives those places quite an edgy atmosphere. Noorderlicht is a bit hipstery with (seem to be) arrogant waiters. pllek is a little more relaxed, serves good food and decent coffee. A plus: the raised beach right in front of the water.

© Janine Juna Grafe

One of the best things about this neighbourhood is that you can stroll around for hours and discover the most amazing things like this old carriage turned into a home. Also, Noord is full of big industrial halls, among others the IJ Hallen. Every month a big flea market is held here.

© Janine Juna Grafe

Need something in your tummy while the wind is blowing the fresh sea air into your face? Pontstation is your place to grab an organic snack. Right: Everything from their fries via burgers through to lemonade is organic here. A must taste up here!

© Janine Juna Grafe

Leaving NDSM Wharf is not the easiest thing. If you’d like to stay, check out the beautiful DoubleTree Hilton, former Brooklyn Hotel. You can find my post about it here.

© Janine Juna Grafe



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  2. Hi dear! Thank you for this awesome post! 🙂
    I’ve been to Amsterdam so many times and now I really felt inspired after reading it to visit the northern part as well. I also mentioned your post in my article 🙂

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