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Minimal Sunday – A visual Story

I’m a lover of Sundays. That smell of freshly brewed coffee, the softness of your blankets, that view out to the calm sea. I remember how my parents used to convince me to play outside when I was younger. I, however, couldn’t resist finishing that certain suspenseful book. What they didn’t realise: I have always loved being outside. I just didn’t like sharing it too much. I find so much peace in simply standing at the shore in front of my apartment and watching the waves flowing. Maybe that is one reason why I live on a tiny island right now. Now and then, however, Amsterdam’s mainland brings me out of my shell and I suppose it’s all about the isles you create every day yourself anyway.

On Sundays I tend to choose routine over variation and with pancakes, blackberries and coffee on my table that’s quite okay.

© Janine Juna Grafe

© Janine Juna Grafe

Sometimes the view from my apartment feels better than any hotel room I have ever had. Well, if it were some degrees warmer at least…

© Janine Juna Grafe

© Janine Juna Grafe

That sooting cup of coffee is probably one of the most important isles of my everyday life. Scandinavian Embassy provides quite a decent sense of well-being.

© Janine Juna Grafe

Strolls through idyllic Saphatipark and along the canals do one more thing to wind down on that perfectly calm Sunday.

© Janine Juna Grafe


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