Year: 2016

Apartment Story

I have been living in Barcelona for almost four months now and I couldn’t be happier in my own little studio, enjoying coffee, breakfast, books and life on my own every weekend. So here is to procrastinating and to life in this bustling city behind the centuries-old stone walls. Worst I bring I have a dirty mind Oh, I need, I need new ways To waste my time I need new ways Worst I bring I live alone, alone, alone Worst I face Keep me inside, I need new ways To waste my time I need, I need new ways I’m trying to get out Find a subtle way out Not just cross myself out Not just disappear I’ve been trying to stay out But there’s something in you I can’t be without I just need it here Daughter – New Ways Advertisements

Roadtripping the Costa Brava

Two months in my new home town Barcelona tempted me to spend my birthday weekend in the surroundings of the costa brava. We rented a car and drove along the coast with no specific stops in mind – only our accommodation in beautiful Girona. Passing lonely coves and hilly highways, we arrived in the city of Girona. Coincidentally we came across a wonderful food and music festival with homemade tapas, live music and a dreamy view over the old city. Well-filled, we arrived at our tasteful AirBnB right in the heart of the old town. The next day called for some early brunch at La Fábrica. The nutter butter sandwich with almond butter, banana and shredded coconut was probably one of the best I have ever had for breakfast. Suffice it to say that the coffee was pretty brilliant too. After that refreshment we hit the road again, passed by small villages in the mountains and picturesque costal areas. A quick stop in Figueres led us to the Dalí museum. After winding further through the mountains, …

Why It’s Ok To Cuddle Up When Moving Abroad

I moved to Barcelona three weeks ago. This still feels strange to say. The reason you haven’t read anything or only little about this on my blog for now is that I have been quite busy settling in. Soaking in all the details of the city, marvelling at its architecture, tasting the delicious food and getting lost in the many alleys of the old town. However, there comes a time – the third weekend for me – where you don’t want to wander the city like a tourist anymore. And that’s ok. You know these first summer mornings where the weather looks so promising you’d have a bad conscience to stay inside even though you want nothing more than a lazy Sunday at home? I somewhat feel the same way with moving abroad. Barcelona has so very much to offer – despite the wonderful weather of course – that you can’t just spend the weekend inside. Can you? Yesterday a thunderstorm was approaching and I had just made it inside before heavy raindrops hit against …

Citytrip Dubrovnik –From Cruise Ship Magnet to King’s Landing

Before my exciting relocation to Barcelona three weeks ago I was happy to spend some relaxing days in Croatia’s historical city of Dubrovnik. While the weather forecast hadn’t boded well days before my take-off, I started regretting my booking a bit. Little did I know that this city trip would become one of my favourites. For starters: I fell in love with Dubrovnik! With its architecture, its alleys, the wonderful food, the Adriatic Sea, the street music, my AirBnB, … My little studio was the cosiest place with the best location in Dubrovnik you can have I dare say. Plus, the view was quite something, too: Arriving late in the evening, I strolled the old town, listened to a guitarist and had cevapcici. Looking for a trending restaurant to have typical Bosnian cuisine? Then taj mahal is your place to go. I have no idea who came up with its name but the food completely lived up to its promise. Make sure to reserve a table here! I started the next day early to explore the little corners …

Pottery Village Marrakech © Janine Juna Grafe

Visiting Pottery Village in Marrakech – An Aterliers d’ailleurs Tour

Marrakech is shiny, luxuriant and it is also very eclectic. Its touristy and splendid side in the medina comes with a modest quarter in the west of the city. During my trip to Marrakech I took an Ateliers d’ailleurs tour through so-called Pottery Village. Bargaining for dirhams is no funny routine here. It’s a struggle for survival. We started our tour with a traditional potter. He has done this job for 49 years now. His right leg was stiff and he had a hard time sitting down at his place. But was he happy? Yes. I have hardly ever seen someone so in peace with what he was doing. He said clay is like love. Only the right fusion of two pieces works. Crafting in Pottery Village mostly serves the residents’ personal needs. The clay itself, however, is won in masses here. One of the reasons I travel is the man below. The day was very sticky, the air dull. This man had dug for clay for hours. When I asked our translator whether I …

© Janine Juna Grafe – Amsterdam

Spring in Amsterdam

Spring is finally arriving in Amsterdam. Reasons enough for me to pack my camera and stroll my hometown’s picturesque streets and canals! After a decent stack of pancakes of course. Dive into Amsterdam’s beauty for your daily dose of facade love!

Travelling Marrakesh

A short break at the beginning of March led me to magnificent Marrakesh. It’s one of those places that fascinates you as soon as you step out of the plane. I hadn’t done a lot of preparations before taking off, so it was just the more overwhelming. Little alleyways, pastel pink walls, thousands of mopeds, scents, sounds and impressions washed over me on the taxi drive to our riad alone. Passing the city wall of the Medina was like entering an entirely different and magical place. In the midst of the Medina, Riad Azzouna13 awaited me. With its oriental fancywork yet clean and minimalistic design, the accommodation couldn’t have been any better. It was like an oasis of ease, a spicy scent and decent food. The next morning I enjoyed the view from the cozy rooftop. The Marrakesh adventure was on! The plan for the day? Getting lost! It’s funny but I developed some sort of orientation here much more easily than back in Amsterdam. Maybe it was my insatiable curiosity that led me further …

Keeping it cozy

It’s this time of year where even a snow enthusiast like me is craving for the first springy precursors. However, sub-zero temperatures seem to have settled in Amsterdam, so a cozy weekend was calling once more. As pancakes are a loyal companion on my photos and so many of you have asked me as to how I prepare them, find my recipe below this time. Otherwise feel free to indulge in those comfy pillows, strong cups of coffee and cabin-like wood details as I’m used to these days. Rural pancake recipe for the perfect cottage day at home: 1 egg 0,1 litre of almond milk 1 tsp. chia seeds 1 tsp. hemp powder (can easily be left out) 3 tablespoons of coconut blossom sugar 1 tsp. baking powder as much flour as needed to get a viscous batter (I like my pancakes to be thick but fluffy so the mix shouldn’t spread too much in the pan) any add-on or -ins you can think of (e.g. frozen berries, fresh fruits, nuts, cocoa nibs, granola …) …

Not To Disappear

One of my favourite things about travelling is finding a happy place along the road. And if there is no trip coming up in the seizable future (four weeks is still a long time to go for my liking), I have myself my own little cabin in the woods from time to time. Pancakes, big pots of coffee and wanderlusty dreams included.