Month: April 2016

Pottery Village Marrakech © Janine Juna Grafe

Visiting Pottery Village in Marrakech – An Aterliers d’ailleurs Tour

Marrakech is shiny, luxuriant and it is also very eclectic. Its touristy and splendid side in the medina comes with a modest quarter in the west of the city. During my trip to Marrakech I took an Ateliers d’ailleurs tour through so-called Pottery Village. Bargaining for dirhams is no funny routine here. It’s a struggle for survival. We started our tour with a traditional potter. He has done this job for 49 years now. His right leg was stiff and he had a hard time sitting down at his place. But was he happy? Yes. I have hardly ever seen someone so in peace with what he was doing. He said clay is like love. Only the right fusion of two pieces works. Crafting in Pottery Village mostly serves the residents’ personal needs. The clay itself, however, is won in masses here. One of the reasons I travel is the man below. The day was very sticky, the air dull. This man had dug for clay for hours. When I asked our translator whether I …

© Janine Juna Grafe – Amsterdam

Spring in Amsterdam

Spring is finally arriving in Amsterdam. Reasons enough for me to pack my camera and stroll my hometown’s picturesque streets and canals! After a decent stack of pancakes of course. Dive into Amsterdam’s beauty for your daily dose of facade love!