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Why It’s Ok To Cuddle Up When Moving Abroad

I moved to Barcelona three weeks ago. This still feels strange to say. The reason you haven’t read anything or only little about this on my blog for now is that I have been quite busy settling in. Soaking in all the details of the city, marvelling at its architecture, tasting the delicious food and getting lost in the many alleys of the old town.

However, there comes a time – the third weekend for me – where you don’t want to wander the city like a tourist anymore. And that’s ok. You know these first summer mornings where the weather looks so promising you’d have a bad conscience to stay inside even though you want nothing more than a lazy Sunday at home? I somewhat feel the same way with moving abroad. Barcelona has so very much to offer – despite the wonderful weather of course – that you can’t just spend the weekend inside. Can you?


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Yesterday a thunderstorm was approaching and I had just made it inside before heavy raindrops hit against my window. I felt the most comfortable I have in a while. I brew myself a strong cup of coffee, got into my pyjama and switched Netflix on. I thought how unnecessary it was I have waited for an excuse such as bad weather to cuddle up.

An introvert to the core, I need time to recharge being on my own, at home. Moving abroad  faces me a big challenge. A challenge I’ve been happy to take. I like being in my own four walls. But I’m equally eager to go on new adventures, to see new places, meet new people. Probably you know, though, from recent city trips that all the impressions you soak in, all the miles you walk make you pretty tired at the end of the day. Moving to a new city I had never been to before in a country I had never put a foot in before with a language I don’t speak a word of yet can be quite tiring, too. That’s why it’s absolutely ok to cuddle up home from time to time. It gives you just the more energy to go out there afterwards.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

And finding your favourite places, hidden gems and regular haunts won’t get you through your whole Yelp list in a weekend. But it sure helps a lot to make you feel part of the city you have just moved to.

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Taking this time to settle in, I’m happy to present you all my Barcelona insider tips very soon. Make sure to cuddle up now and then up until then!



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