autumn selfie © Janine Juna Grafe

Grown up in the industrial Ruhr area of Germany, I’m a lover of authentic places with a lot of soul. I studied Politics and Literature at Ruhr University Bochum but have focused on journalism ever since I was able to hold a pen. Beside my passion for writing, I enjoy photographing, which is why I combine these two hobbyhorses on this blog. A professional editor and social media manager, I like to think in stories. Bringing the magazine feeling back to the world wide web is what I love most about blogging. So feel free to leaf through the pages – sorry: tabs – of Sonntagskind!

Why “Sonntagskind”? I’m a creative soul. The German term “Sonntagskind”, similar to “Sunday’s child”, describes a lucky child usually born on a Sunday with a creative nature. Even though I was born on a Saturday, a teacher of mine back at school swore that I had to be born on a Sunday. I stopped correcting him eventually because I fell in love with the concept of “Sonntagskind”. And then again: What is wrong with a cosy Sunday spent on a comfy couch with a well scenting coffee, a good book and so many stories to tell?

After a 4-year-stopover in lovely seaport Hamburg in the north of Germany, I am currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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