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From my little cabin in Barcelona

Spring has arrived back in Barcelona, casting the softest light into my little cabin and the surrounding neighbourhood of El Born. A little photo series of a weekend spent with coffees and strawberries, with sunbathing my feet on the little balcony, strolling my streets endlessly and falling once anew for Barcelona’s sometimes bold, often subtle beauty at each and every corner. Advertisements

Enter THE LOFT, Amsterdam

Let me take you to THE LOFT in Amsterdam today. Right on busy Prinsengracht there is this inconspicuous white door saying “The Loft” at the very bottom. You need to ring the bell to be allowed admission. And once the door is opened for you, your stay feels even more special. THE LOFT is a project by creative director Kassandra Schreuder. With a devoting eye for detail she composes the most wonderful interior and living goods in a whole loft. Shopping here feels less like strolling through crowded shops and more like dallying over all those beautiful pieces of a hotel room but with actually being able to purchase it all. Trigger off your own comfy Sunday mood interior design flirt in Amsterdam on Prinsgengracht 583 until September 6th or with the little help of my pictures: Outside of THE LOFT, picturesque Prinsengracht is awaiting you… And because it was time for a new haircut, a rare portrait of me on this blog. Yours truly Sonntagskind Juna

Minimal Sunday – A visual Story

I’m a lover of Sundays. That smell of freshly brewed coffee, the softness of your blankets, that view out to the calm sea. I remember how my parents used to convince me to play outside when I was younger. I, however, couldn’t resist finishing that certain suspenseful book. What they didn’t realise: I have always loved being outside. I just didn’t like sharing it too much. I find so much peace in simply standing at the shore in front of my apartment and watching the waves flowing. Maybe that is one reason why I live on a tiny island right now. Now and then, however, Amsterdam’s mainland brings me out of my shell and I suppose it’s all about the isles you create every day yourself anyway. On Sundays I tend to choose routine over variation and with pancakes, blackberries and coffee on my table that’s quite okay. Sometimes the view from my apartment feels better than any hotel room I have ever had. Well, if it were some degrees warmer at least… That sooting …

NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam

This post has been long in coming. NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam-Noord has always been my favourite part of the city. This is why I’m inviting you to accompany me there today. Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals and idyllic old buildings but I must admit I could easily exchange this part of town with the industrial wharf you reach by a ferry from Amsterdam Centraal at no charge. Even though this place is very popular particularly with the young citizens of Amsterdam, it never feels as crowded as the city centre. Coffee, food and further spots are located here but much less than in the areas across the water. So where to have coffee? Noorderlicht or pllek! They are both established within containers, which gives those places quite an edgy atmosphere. Noorderlicht is a bit hipstery with (seem to be) arrogant waiters. pllek is a little more relaxed, serves good food and decent coffee. A plus: the raised beach right in front of the water. One of the best things about this neighbourhood is …


Food festivals and food truck festivals in particular are springing from the ground like mushrooms in Amsterdam lately. When food makes way for a market full of coffee, there is no holding back. At least not for me. So accompany me to Amsterdam Coffee Festival, which has been taking place this weekend at beautifully industrial NDSM wharf (by the way, my favourite corner of Amsterdam! Read about it later this month on the blog). Amsterdam itself is a gem of excellent coffee. Lot Sixty One, Back to Black, white label coffee – they all brew sublime flat whites into my cup every day. Having the best of the beans combined in one place had me caffeinated (emotionally as well) all over. Next to simply tasting there was a lot of coffee science to discover at the festival. To be honest: I’m happy to get the best out of my Chemex on Sunday mornings but that’s how coffee-hipstery I get. When it comes to the correct angle to drip my boiling water onto the freshly roasted beans, well …

BACK TO BLACK, Amsterdam

My favourite hobby: exploring new places. Last weekend I discovered one of this rare kind where your guts instantly signalize: You are going to be here very often. And my guts know me quite well. Alarm bells ring when I enter a spot that is hip but not too hip, busy but not crowded, a place I could easily exchange for my living room. Black to Black is such a place. I love the furnishings, the colours and the easy atmosphere here. Big tables where you can work a little, cozy armchairs that invite you to grab a magazine or just have a decent cup of coffee. Such places are scarcer here in Amsterdam than one might think. From the plants in pineapple form via adorable interior design through to locally roasted coffee Back to Black has won my heart. Make sure to check them out or get a sip of their coffee at Amsterdam Coffee Festival this weekend! Back to Black Weteringstraat 48 1017 SP Amsterdam

Spring in Amsterdam

Slowly but surely, spring is conquering the canals of Amsterdam, which makes me fall in love with the numerous beautiful facades of the city even more. Particularly when they proove spring’s arrival: What’s more, Amsterdam is blossoming everywhere! I adore my adoptive home for its obsession about plants.  I’ve always been engaged with urban gardening and Critical Mass (a cycling movement) – two things which are redundant in Amsterdam. Why? The streets are under control of the cyclists here anyway. And: I have hardly ever seen a city greener than this. See for yourself: Less pleasing about spring in Amsterdam: the weather. Rain clouds alternate with sunshine easily and quite spontaneously, so it was time to purchase something waterproof after all. I’m still amazed I survived more than 3 years in Hamburg without a hooded parka. By the way: If you plan to live the real Amsterdam experience, do without the hood. I seem to be the only one holding an umbrella when it’s raining cats and dogs. But despite the weather, be sure that Amsterdam loves you:

A stroll through De 9 Straatjes – Part I

My biggest hobby: Becoming a local. When it comes to city trips I’m eager to explore the places locals go to. When it comes to my own home town I’m happy to be the person who tries out that brand-new coffee house around the corner, to find the best pizza place in town and those secret little spots that offer you the concentrated charge of a city’s spirit while being entirely remote the (tourist) masses. Amsterdam is a completely charming place to explore new spots. It’s so small that tourist paths and local paths often intertwine. Which makes it exhausting some times yet delightfully challenging at the same time. With my office located right in picturesque Keizersgracht, my first little centre is a hotspot itself. However, next to crowded cafés and popular fashion brands you find De 9 Straatjes, cute streets alongside the Canal Belt. Last week’s springy weekend invited me to a stroll through the 9 Straatjes and the Canal Belt. Here’s an excerpt from it: Coffee at Caffè il Momento. It’s very busy outside …