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© Janine Juna Grafe – Amsterdam

Spring in Amsterdam

Spring is finally arriving in Amsterdam. Reasons enough for me to pack my camera and stroll my hometown’s picturesque streets and canals! After a decent stack of pancakes of course. Dive into Amsterdam’s beauty for your daily dose of facade love! Advertisements

Travelling Marrakesh

A short break at the beginning of March led me to magnificent Marrakesh. It’s one of those places that fascinates you as soon as you step out of the plane. I hadn’t done a lot of preparations before taking off, so it was just the more overwhelming. Little alleyways, pastel pink walls, thousands of mopeds, scents, sounds and impressions washed over me on the taxi drive to our riad alone. Passing the city wall of the Medina was like entering an entirely different and magical place. In the midst of the Medina, Riad Azzouna13 awaited me. With its oriental fancywork yet clean and minimalistic design, the accommodation couldn’t have been any better. It was like an oasis of ease, a spicy scent and decent food. The next morning I enjoyed the view from the cozy rooftop. The Marrakesh adventure was on! The plan for the day? Getting lost! It’s funny but I developed some sort of orientation here much more easily than back in Amsterdam. Maybe it was my insatiable curiosity that led me further …

One Day in Salzburg

My motto? Spontaneous trips are the best! Unexpectedly I did a one-day stopover in Austria’s beauty Salzburg before heading to Germany for the Christmas days. A soft line of pastel mountains awaited me right at the airport early in the morning. The perfect start for a city tour! Salzburg surprised me with a merely endless amount of picturesque buildings – from a bus stop to the dome. And as the weather could not have been any better I hit the road up to the fortress, enjoying a breathtaking view over Salzburg. And of course, I also had to try some traditional Kaiserschmarrn, an Austrian dessert I hadn’t had in some ten years. When the sun began to set, I strolled the old-fashioned, rustic shopping streets – with famous Getreidegasse leading the way. Some sunny hours and many strolls later it was time again to take the plane back to the north with the Alps in my back.

Spring in Amsterdam

Slowly but surely, spring is conquering the canals of Amsterdam, which makes me fall in love with the numerous beautiful facades of the city even more. Particularly when they proove spring’s arrival: What’s more, Amsterdam is blossoming everywhere! I adore my adoptive home for its obsession about plants.  I’ve always been engaged with urban gardening and Critical Mass (a cycling movement) – two things which are redundant in Amsterdam. Why? The streets are under control of the cyclists here anyway. And: I have hardly ever seen a city greener than this. See for yourself: Less pleasing about spring in Amsterdam: the weather. Rain clouds alternate with sunshine easily and quite spontaneously, so it was time to purchase something waterproof after all. I’m still amazed I survived more than 3 years in Hamburg without a hooded parka. By the way: If you plan to live the real Amsterdam experience, do without the hood. I seem to be the only one holding an umbrella when it’s raining cats and dogs. But despite the weather, be sure that Amsterdam loves you: