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A Hygge Holiday

You would think that a cancelled holiday would mean a little (travel)heartbreak to me. And indeed, it was not easy for me to call off the planned getaway to a cosy cabin in the midst of the Mallorquin countryside. But I had fallen sick some days before and was in no condition to step on a flight. And to be quite frank, I think it was not the worst thing to happen. As much as I enjoy travelling, I have been on the road so often this year that it felt good to slow down for a few days, pick up a book, take care of myself, prepare lots of breakfast and hop on a train for a relaxed day trip. But it all started with me being pretty sick, so the first days meant bed, sofa, bed, tea and some reading. My taste in books is pretty highbrow… except for the Christmas season. This is when I fall for all those kitschy single-girl-owns-a-quaint-bakery-fights-the-evil-company-chain-Christmas-is-almost-ruined-but-then-all-is-merry-after-all-plus-snowflakes novels. I’m quite sure they did help me recover though. So …

Canary Escape: A Car-free Road Trip through Lanzarote

To be frank: Lanzarote and the Canary Islands in general had long been a destination I didn’t exactly consider for my bucket list. Horseback-riding, all-inclusive holidays and monotony were what came to my mind. But how wrong I was! An amazing thing about travelling is staying open and being surprised now and then by a new place. Even though you can’t deny Lanzarote with its black lava stones and cacti has indeed some monotony to it, it proved to be an exciting island full of rich nature, idyllic villages and excellent food. And against all my beach-hotel-resort-associations I found a lovely casa right at the coast to call my home for almost a week. After relaxing in the almost cave-like house, I went out to explore Punta Mujeres, a tranquil village in the very north of Lanzarote. I had decided not to rent a car on Lanzarote and do everything by bike or public transport. As my week on the island brought a lot of strong winds (and I might tend to be rather unathletic), …

A Roadtrip to the West Coast (of Holland)

As you might know already, every now and then I need a little weekend getaway. Sometimes I think I can’t stand still and in these times hitting the road makes me the happiest. This weekend the road led me to Rockanje on the coast of Holland, only one and a half hours away from Amsterdam. Since I work for a travel agency, getting inspired by lovely places and accommodation comes with my job. Some weeks ago I couldn’t take my eyes of charming Badhotel Rockanje, an American/Canadian-style cottage hotel in the midst of Holland. The perfect place to get a little cozy before Christmas! And even though the weather did not mean too well this weekend, some fresh breeze from the sea and sand under your shoes can’t be wrong.

The Coastal Gems of Zeeland

Despite all the comfort our lovely accommodation in the countryside of Zeeland had to offer, the beautiful nature around and particularly the coast was tempting us to step a foot outside. The coastal line of Breskens and around is full of pavillons, maritime bistros serving breakfast, lunch, hot chocolate and – most importantly – poffertjes! Poffertjes are the Dutch mini version of pancakes I could bury myself into. The yummiest ones were served at cozy Loods Tien. Ever since I moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of this year I was longing for a place at the sea I would get away to on weekends. I used to have those spots back in Germany and was so happy to have stumbled upon Zeeland now in the Netherlands. Endless lines of dunes, the fresh salty sea air and extensive walks made this short getaway a very special one.

An Idyllic Getaway in Zeeland

Every now and then Amsterdam gets a little too busy for me. A moment when I feel like packing my most beloved knitted pullovers and woolen socks and head off to the countryside. Luckily I found the most idyllic tiny home in beautiful Zeeland right at the Dutch coast. Local pumpkins, an old gas stove and a wonderfully comfortable stone floor made me feel at home instantly. Cooking and baking here came pretty close to what they call slow living. The other side of the ground floor reveals a cozy sofa corner, inviting me to long reads, countless cups of coffee and cuddling under the blanket. And there is still room for even more coziness! Let’s head to the attic with its beautiful, rustic bathroom. A wonderful place to take a relaxing bath after a relaxing day. And when there is a bed that looks sort of like a honeymoon location, it can’t get any better. It’s so calming to just sip on some hot tea, read a good book and be peaceful. Thank you …