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In Bruges

After a wonderful getaway to Zeeland in the Netherlands we drove further south to discover Belgium’s medieval beauty Bruges. To quote Ray in the great film In Bruges: Maybe that’s what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges. Let me tell you: It’s not all that bad. Not at all. Even though the whole town seems a little dozy with some restaurants and shops closed on Tuesdays and quiet streets in the morning. However, this dreaminess also makes Bruges a very special place. Time seems to stand still here and there. In the very best meaning. Our accommodation was Hotel Bla Bla very close to the historic centre. Bruges is full of those beautiful orange tile roofs, which we looked out to from our hotel room. Breakfast was served at Sanseveria, a charming bagel café. French music from the 1920s and tasty ingredients had us strenghtened for another day with chilly autumn weather. And chocolate also played its part in warming us. We got a little touristy when climbing up Belfort and …

The Coastal Gems of Zeeland

Despite all the comfort our lovely accommodation in the countryside of Zeeland had to offer, the beautiful nature around and particularly the coast was tempting us to step a foot outside. The coastal line of Breskens and around is full of pavillons, maritime bistros serving breakfast, lunch, hot chocolate and – most importantly – poffertjes! Poffertjes are the Dutch mini version of pancakes I could bury myself into. The yummiest ones were served at cozy Loods Tien. Ever since I moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of this year I was longing for a place at the sea I would get away to on weekends. I used to have those spots back in Germany and was so happy to have stumbled upon Zeeland now in the Netherlands. Endless lines of dunes, the fresh salty sea air and extensive walks made this short getaway a very special one.

A weekend in Hamburg

Back when I lived in Hamburg I used to have a love-hate-relationship with the city in the north of Germany. Returning for a weekend, I have fallen all over again for its harbour, the view out to the cranes at night, all those cafés I called my second home. Combining the weekend trip with a wedding to celebrate was the best reason to enjoy some carefree days in Hamburg. Coffee at elbgold, waffles at Salon Wechsel Dich, delving among books at stories! and finally a wedding in front of the harbour panorama made this stay just perfect. And waking up in classy Hotel Hafen Hamburg also had its part to play… After my traditional Sunday morning routine, breakfast at Kaffee Stark, it was time to fly black to Amsterdam – but with quite some wistfulness in my luggage.

Enter THE LOFT, Amsterdam

Let me take you to THE LOFT in Amsterdam today. Right on busy Prinsengracht there is this inconspicuous white door saying “The Loft” at the very bottom. You need to ring the bell to be allowed admission. And once the door is opened for you, your stay feels even more special. THE LOFT is a project by creative director Kassandra Schreuder. With a devoting eye for detail she composes the most wonderful interior and living goods in a whole loft. Shopping here feels less like strolling through crowded shops and more like dallying over all those beautiful pieces of a hotel room but with actually being able to purchase it all. Trigger off your own comfy Sunday mood interior design flirt in Amsterdam on Prinsgengracht 583 until September 6th or with the little help of my pictures: Outside of THE LOFT, picturesque Prinsengracht is awaiting you… And because it was time for a new haircut, a rare portrait of me on this blog. Yours truly Sonntagskind Juna

Roadtripping the Pacific Northwest – Californian Redwoods

With Oregon still in my woody heart, we headed south to California to visit the Redwoods. And just when I thought hills filled with pine trees couldn’t be higher and thicker than those in Oregon, we crossed the border and saw the beauty of California’s north. The destination is not always my favourite spot while roadtripping. Sometimes it is simply the road itself. Driving a tight turn and being rewarded by a new fascinating view. Let me tell you that this route was teeming with such views. After a while we turned to Highway 101, one of – if not the one – most beautiful in the whole States. Instead of a clear-blue coast, though, dense fog was expecting us and it gave our car trip a somewhat mystical atmosphere. And suddenly streets began to curve between higher and higher trees. Sunlight was shielded and it felt as though we were entering an entirely different world. Stepping out of the car, we could instantly begin numberless hiking trails through the Redwoods. And we did. Coated …

The MARKET HOUSE Hotel, Tel Aviv

Beside people, nature and surroundings, my accommodation has always been the gist of spending a good holiday. I love living authentically. To feel less like a tourist and more like a local. This is why I’m used to choosing AirBnB apartments. I have to admit, though, I have a soft spot for sublime hotels (who doesn’t?) and when I came across The MARKET HOUSE Hotel, I knew I had to book this beautiful spot. Arrived there, I knew we had made the right choice. If I could type down the splendid oriental scent that met us in the entrance hall and would await us every morning henceforth, believe me: I would. Other than that lovely fragrance it was particularly the interior style which turned this small hotel right in the midst of Old Jaffa into a darling place. Copper details, marble tapware and industrial design made us feel at home (or alternatively in Copenhagen) easily. Oh, and the food…! True to type the rooms were no exception. Even though they were all quite small, you found enough room to …