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The Big Journey – Returning Home for the Holidays

There is this one big journey you probably take at least once a year no matter how far you live away from that destination. I’m not talking about an extensive retreat or adventure trip at the other end of the world here. I’m talking about that kind of flight on which anticipation meets a sudden queasy feeling. I’m talking about returning home for the holidays. As much as I travel – far, close, alone, with others – visiting my native town, my home, my old children’s room is always one of the biggest challenges in the travel cosmos. So here’s a little unusual and not so serious piece (or call it survival guide) on the 5 phases of going back where you come from. 1 – The “It’s actually all not too ugly” phase So you come back and see everything with completely different eyes as they say. Enjoy it while it lasts. It won’t be long. It’s this phase where your up to now unconscious nostalgia comes through and you put a shiny filter …

Roadtripping the Pacific Northwest – Sea to Sky Highway, Canada

The biggest stroke of luck on our roadtrip? Coming across the Sea to Sky Highway in BC, Canada. It was quite a spontaneous idea to rent a car in Vancouver and get out of the city for a day. A little aimless at first, we soon found that special road that was to reveal all the magnificent gems of British Columbia. Our first destination was Lynn Creek after realising that Grouse Mount was a rather touristy place (and not the ideal one to hike with our light sneakers). Lynn Creek, however, was full of magic: turqouise lagoons, romantic coves, venturesome cliffs and beautiful woods. Driving in the direction of Whistler, Olympic city of 2010, we watched the mountains getting higher and higher. And had an excellent meal at The Southside Diner directly by the highway: a lentil veggie burger with homemade fries for me, pulled pork poutine, a popular Canadian fast food meal, for him. Invigorated by the yummy food, we took the way back to Vancouver still passing by some impressive mountains… … until …

Hello October

It’s beautiful to see what lies just in front of you: hectares of nature just ten minutes by subway from the town centre of Hamburg! Hundreds of trees, deers and such fresh air. Always an autumn child, I found myself back in childhood memories. I collected chestnuts, let my feet brush the golden leaves and felt – what was natural as a child but we now call – mindful. Towards nature and towards me. I took some deep breaths in times when I really need them. It’s so relieving to keep one’s smartphone mute in the backpack, to not have a plan and just wander. And something else so tempting about cold season: Having some soul food when getting back home. In my case that was buckwheat pancakes with roasted granola. Autumn, I’m so ready for you!

The Blue Lagoon

Happy Sunday everyone. This week I had the pleasure to be captured in amazing pictures by the talented Hamburg-based photographer Maria Kotylevskaja. I had loved her pictures so much beforehand that I completely freaked out when it came to actually shooting. And I had such a good time! Maria truly has a gift. Not only for taking magnificent pictures but also for being ever so kind in the process. She made me feel entirely comfortable and confident. Here is a selection of some photos from the shoot. Enjoy your Sunday! © Maria Kotylevskaja