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Underneath the Skin there’s a Human

I’m all into those autumn days again … I hate that I love hiding so much. New opportunities  come with new challenges. I used to be the one to welcome those challenges, to work hard, to enjoy growing with them. Lately I’ve come to prefer holing up in my bedsheets. My small little shelter from the world outside.

Birthday Breakfast at Kalaset

I’m back from a week in Copenhagen and I had a hard timing leaving this beautiful city. From our tasteful AirBnB apartment in hip Vesterbro to wonderful shops in Norrebro to cute little cafés all over town – Copenhagen has so much to offer! Of course, it was particularly the cafés that monopolized me. And as I spent my 25th birthday on the trip, it called for the best pancakes in Copenhagen. I’m pretty sure we found them. At café Kalaset in the very town centre. Even though I’m used to avoiding the typical tourist path when travelling, the inner city was a must for a heavenly breakfast. And beautiful decoration. Come sit down with my at one of the colourful vintage tables! I had very fluffy blueberry pancakes and a soy yoghurt with fruit. So good! Look at all those vintage radios on the wall! I wish I had such a proud collection. Kalaset Vendersgade 16 Copenhagen More impressions and photos from my Copenhagen trip to come! Have a cozy Sunday, Juna

The Thing About My Own Four Walls

Happy rainy Sunday everyone. Actually my intentions regarding this blog were to leave the scope of my own kitchen and home and invite you over to my favourite places around. I’m definitely going to do that. Just not today. This rain-swept day calls for staying inside, having late breakfast in bed and enjoying the smell of wood at my new home. I’m so in love with the sixties flair all the teak furniture sheds. Maybe you will be, too. So here’s to interior design galore! Crawl away back into your bed sheets, leaf through some beautiful coffee-table books and listen to the rain dropping! At least that’s what I do.