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Pottery Village Marrakech © Janine Juna Grafe

Visiting Pottery Village in Marrakech – An Aterliers d’ailleurs Tour

Marrakech is shiny, luxuriant and it is also very eclectic. Its touristy and splendid side in the medina comes with a modest quarter in the west of the city. During my trip to Marrakech I took an Ateliers d’ailleurs tour through so-called Pottery Village. Bargaining for dirhams is no funny routine here. It’s a struggle for survival. We started our tour with a traditional potter. He has done this job for 49 years now. His right leg was stiff and he had a hard time sitting down at his place. But was he happy? Yes. I have hardly ever seen someone so in peace with what he was doing. He said clay is like love. Only the right fusion of two pieces works. Crafting in Pottery Village mostly serves the residents’ personal needs. The clay itself, however, is won in masses here. One of the reasons I travel is the man below. The day was very sticky, the air dull. This man had dug for clay for hours. When I asked our translator whether I …

Travelling Marrakesh

A short break at the beginning of March led me to magnificent Marrakesh. It’s one of those places that fascinates you as soon as you step out of the plane. I hadn’t done a lot of preparations before taking off, so it was just the more overwhelming. Little alleyways, pastel pink walls, thousands of mopeds, scents, sounds and impressions washed over me on the taxi drive to our riad alone. Passing the city wall of the Medina was like entering an entirely different and magical place. In the midst of the Medina, Riad Azzouna13 awaited me. With its oriental fancywork yet clean and minimalistic design, the accommodation couldn’t have been any better. It was like an oasis of ease, a spicy scent and decent food. The next morning I enjoyed the view from the cozy rooftop. The Marrakesh adventure was on! The plan for the day? Getting lost! It’s funny but I developed some sort of orientation here much more easily than back in Amsterdam. Maybe it was my insatiable curiosity that led me further …

When in Paris

Sometimes in life I am prone to looking back to those good times. Past periods we tend to romanticize. With me, it is my study years. When there was hardly any money to pay rent but always enough to invest in decent red wine, theatre tickets and museum visits. When I dreamt of all those distant places I couldn’t afford to go to. Some few years later I happily find myself occasionally travelling the world and satisfying my insatiable sense of wanderlust. It was Paris that evoke that feeling of boheme inside me again. Living for the moment. This is why I spent a rather casual long weekend in Paris over New Year’s Eve, which means no sore feet but also no cliché Eiffeltower captures (sorry). What evoked that boheme feeling? My Airbnb apartment in the artists’ quarter Montmartre did. A time-worn wooden floor, imposing pieces of art and oh so beautiful vintage furniture is all I need say. Beside excellent coffee from the french press in the apartment I tried the one or other coffee place …

One Day in Salzburg

My motto? Spontaneous trips are the best! Unexpectedly I did a one-day stopover in Austria’s beauty Salzburg before heading to Germany for the Christmas days. A soft line of pastel mountains awaited me right at the airport early in the morning. The perfect start for a city tour! Salzburg surprised me with a merely endless amount of picturesque buildings – from a bus stop to the dome. And as the weather could not have been any better I hit the road up to the fortress, enjoying a breathtaking view over Salzburg. And of course, I also had to try some traditional Kaiserschmarrn, an Austrian dessert I hadn’t had in some ten years. When the sun began to set, I strolled the old-fashioned, rustic shopping streets – with famous Getreidegasse leading the way. Some sunny hours and many strolls later it was time again to take the plane back to the north with the Alps in my back.

A Roadtrip to the West Coast (of Holland)

As you might know already, every now and then I need a little weekend getaway. Sometimes I think I can’t stand still and in these times hitting the road makes me the happiest. This weekend the road led me to Rockanje on the coast of Holland, only one and a half hours away from Amsterdam. Since I work for a travel agency, getting inspired by lovely places and accommodation comes with my job. Some weeks ago I couldn’t take my eyes of charming Badhotel Rockanje, an American/Canadian-style cottage hotel in the midst of Holland. The perfect place to get a little cozy before Christmas! And even though the weather did not mean too well this weekend, some fresh breeze from the sea and sand under your shoes can’t be wrong.

The Art of Slowliving

Some grey autumn days simply call for a weekend of homeliness. Particularly if your man comes home from a long business trip, bringing along the most tasty coffee from Vietnam. Just imagine boiling water on coarsely ground coffee beans, exuding a chocolatey and nutty scent. I added on the smell of fresh waffles and a Sunday of slow living began. Sometimes it’s just the right ingredients you need for a perfectly cozy day. I for example can’t relax with my jeans or make-up on. But give me a onesie pyjama, a hot herbal tea and the new Kinfolk Home and I’m in. Here is my list of coziness helpers for you – from cuddy clothes to mindful readings: Oysho Clipper Teas Kinfolk Ignant The Future Kept Ravenscourt Apothecary  

In Bruges

After a wonderful getaway to Zeeland in the Netherlands we drove further south to discover Belgium’s medieval beauty Bruges. To quote Ray in the great film In Bruges: Maybe that’s what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges. Let me tell you: It’s not all that bad. Not at all. Even though the whole town seems a little dozy with some restaurants and shops closed on Tuesdays and quiet streets in the morning. However, this dreaminess also makes Bruges a very special place. Time seems to stand still here and there. In the very best meaning. Our accommodation was Hotel Bla Bla very close to the historic centre. Bruges is full of those beautiful orange tile roofs, which we looked out to from our hotel room. Breakfast was served at Sanseveria, a charming bagel café. French music from the 1920s and tasty ingredients had us strenghtened for another day with chilly autumn weather. And chocolate also played its part in warming us. We got a little touristy when climbing up Belfort and …

The Coastal Gems of Zeeland

Despite all the comfort our lovely accommodation in the countryside of Zeeland had to offer, the beautiful nature around and particularly the coast was tempting us to step a foot outside. The coastal line of Breskens and around is full of pavillons, maritime bistros serving breakfast, lunch, hot chocolate and – most importantly – poffertjes! Poffertjes are the Dutch mini version of pancakes I could bury myself into. The yummiest ones were served at cozy Loods Tien. Ever since I moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of this year I was longing for a place at the sea I would get away to on weekends. I used to have those spots back in Germany and was so happy to have stumbled upon Zeeland now in the Netherlands. Endless lines of dunes, the fresh salty sea air and extensive walks made this short getaway a very special one.