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Minimal Sunday – A visual Story

I’m a lover of Sundays. That smell of freshly brewed coffee, the softness of your blankets, that view out to the calm sea. I remember how my parents used to convince me to play outside when I was younger. I, however, couldn’t resist finishing that certain suspenseful book. What they didn’t realise: I have always loved being outside. I just didn’t like sharing it too much. I find so much peace in simply standing at the shore in front of my apartment and watching the waves flowing. Maybe that is one reason why I live on a tiny island right now. Now and then, however, Amsterdam’s mainland brings me out of my shell and I suppose it’s all about the isles you create every day yourself anyway. On Sundays I tend to choose routine over variation and with pancakes, blackberries and coffee on my table that’s quite okay. Sometimes the view from my apartment feels better than any hotel room I have ever had. Well, if it were some degrees warmer at least… That sooting …

Birthday Breakfast at Kalaset

I’m back from a week in Copenhagen and I had a hard timing leaving this beautiful city. From our tasteful AirBnB apartment in hip Vesterbro to wonderful shops in Norrebro to cute little cafés all over town – Copenhagen has so much to offer! Of course, it was particularly the cafés that monopolized me. And as I spent my 25th birthday on the trip, it called for the best pancakes in Copenhagen. I’m pretty sure we found them. At café Kalaset in the very town centre. Even though I’m used to avoiding the typical tourist path when travelling, the inner city was a must for a heavenly breakfast. And beautiful decoration. Come sit down with my at one of the colourful vintage tables! I had very fluffy blueberry pancakes and a soy yoghurt with fruit. So good! Look at all those vintage radios on the wall! I wish I had such a proud collection. Kalaset Vendersgade 16 Copenhagen More impressions and photos from my Copenhagen trip to come! Have a cozy Sunday, Juna

Almost 365 Days of Kaffee Stark

There is this one place in town I had sworn myself I would never check out again: Kaffee Stark. It was three years ago. I was new to Hamburg and not exactly able to cope with this specific St. Pauli manner. Let’s call it understatement in friendliness. Now – some years later – I’m so fond of this place I’m found here almost everyday. It’s my office, my favourite breakfast option, the place I go to to have a strong cup of coffee with friends or alone. Either I have become less friendly over time or I’m fallen in love with this specific St. Pauli manner. I suppose it’s the latter.

Pancake Party

Goal! Goal! Goal! What the….? Okay,that was pretty awesome. It was 10 o’clock in the night when Germany faced Brazil in the World Cup and I had felt astonishingly tense in advance. To draw the line back to food: I came home quite late due to the scoring, was craving for some food and promised my body: “You’ll get a biiig stack of pancakes in the morning.” I kept that promise. These pancakes are glutenfree, full of protein and if you want also vegan. The recipe 2 eggs (or flax-eggs if vegan) 1/2 cup of almond milk (or any other milk substitute) 1 tsp of hemp protein powder (mine is from Govinda) 1 cup of soy meal 1 cup of buckwheat meal coconut oil Stir the eggs (or flax-eggs = 1 tsp flax seeds and 2 tsp water) in a mixing bowl, then add the milk. Now mix hemp powder and meal into it little by little so that you get a thick creamy batter which won’t go runny in the pan. Warm up a pan on a medium …

Berry Boost

It’s a rainy day today in Hamburg, so this morning called for some energy to spoon. All the power in the world is in this cup, believe me! Recipe: 200g de-frosted berries (I had strawberries, cherries, rasberries and blueberries) 1 banana 1 apple tsp maca powder tsp chia seeds some fresh mint Off you go to the blender, delightful bliss! Hope you have a sunnier day wherever you are…