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Roadtripping the Pacific Northwest – Crater Lake

After our lovely kick-off in Portland we would head south to discover Oregon’s natural beauty. Crater Lake National Park was our destination for two days and I can tell you: It was beautiful beyond words! As luck would have it, it was also my birthday and so we decided to get up at 4 am in the morning and watch the sun rise behind Mount Mazama. Cuddled up in our outdoor jackets, we were observing the still surface of Crater Lake and couldn’t help but wonder once the sun bathed our surroundings in amazing colours. A little warmed up by the rays of sunlight but still shivering, we hurried back to our cute little cabin in the woods of Union Creek Resort. And after a little nap and a hot shower there was, of course, this stack of huge, fluffy pancakes awaiting us… Once the sun stood high we returned to the lake as it is particularly famous for its royal blue colour deriving from its depth and extreme clarity. After our tour around whole …

Hello October

It’s beautiful to see what lies just in front of you: hectares of nature just ten minutes by subway from the town centre of Hamburg! Hundreds of trees, deers and such fresh air. Always an autumn child, I found myself back in childhood memories. I collected chestnuts, let my feet brush the golden leaves and felt – what was natural as a child but we now call – mindful. Towards nature and towards me. I took some deep breaths in times when I really need them. It’s so relieving to keep one’s smartphone mute in the backpack, to not have a plan and just wander. And something else so tempting about cold season: Having some soul food when getting back home. In my case that was buckwheat pancakes with roasted granola. Autumn, I’m so ready for you!

The Blue Lagoon

Happy Sunday everyone. This week I had the pleasure to be captured in amazing pictures by the talented Hamburg-based photographer Maria Kotylevskaja. I had loved her pictures so much beforehand that I completely freaked out when it came to actually shooting. And I had such a good time! Maria truly has a gift. Not only for taking magnificent pictures but also for being ever so kind in the process. She made me feel entirely comfortable and confident. Here is a selection of some photos from the shoot. Enjoy your Sunday! © Maria Kotylevskaja